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Chelsea the 1980's

Photos from Chelsea fans

Photos from Dave "CFC" Sorrell

​A collection of photographs from loyal Chelsea fan Dave Sorrell, who was a regular at the  Bridge and our training ground at Harlington.

Dave was well known by all the players.

Check out our garms back in the day. The cars, the hairstyles and some voice squeaking tight shorts.

A superb colletion from a time when we had a team to be proud of. We won the second Division Championship and the following two seasons held our own back with the big boys in Division One

Click on photos to enlarge

Photos below thanks to  Bryn Waghorn



Who can remember the Full Members Cup Final 1986?

Patesy was our first captain to collect a trophy at Wembley!

My very good mate Pat Nevin (MAN...........THAT BOY HAD TALENT)​

Pat above,  took a picture of his winners medal to share with you all.

Thanks mate

1983-84 Division 2 Championship medal

On the left could well be my champions medal from 1983-84.


During a troubled period in my life I let my prized possesion go, much to my regret.


It  resurfaced at a auction


​Check out the fashion dude below.

You can see where David Beckham got his inspiration


​                                  Dennis Young

Top man and loyal Chelsea supporter Dennis young    showing off the 1983-84 Promotion shirt



Dave Sorrell's father in Law (Left) can tell you about the history.

He has seen all the greats of world football,  so if you think Messi is the greatest player of all time, well my man may tell you otherwise..............Great fella

I want to hear from fans back in the day



I will add various match clips here as well and would like to hear from fans who attended games, or like Dave Sorrell visited us training in Harlington.

If you have any photos and dont mind me displaying I could add them here as well.

I want to see the clothes, the cars the hair styles, the old Stadium, the shirts we wore etc.

Below you can relive a great goal from my very good mate Mick Fillery.

Fillers was another amazing player I played with, the things that boy did in training was amazing.....Were you at this game?

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