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I can help you turn your life around


I have something genuine to offer our youths in showing and sharing with them certain realities both the positive and negative aspects of life,
From reaching my dreams, to falling hard on my face but getting up with my head held high. The fame & money soon disappears but nothing beats being able to make a difference in someone’s life and leaving your footprint in this world.

I believe my position involves being a role model and mentor, using my past experiences as an example of believing in themselves and not succumbing to peer pressure from so-called friends and society.

My focus is to concentrate on discouraging youths from getting themselves involved in gun and knife crime by engaging and encouraging them not to make the ultimate mistake of ruining their future.

If my life story changes just one young life, I would feel so content. I want to engage with as many disaffected young people as possible. Many youths think they can make money fast through drugs. Then they get into gangs which they think will give them protection so they get caught up in the gun and knife crime life.
While they are in that life many have no social conscience about themselves, the people they hurt, or the long term effects.​​


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