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Motivational Workshops
MTC (Motivate To Change)

To Educate, Inspire and Inform


I am a Freelance Motivational Speaker, who has worked in education, the criminal justice system and local communities for the past eight years.
 As a youth, I played professional football and was the first black player signed to Chelsea Football Club. In addition to my freelance work I enjoy working with disadvantaged youth on local housing estates. I am also employed by Chelsea Football Club through their educational programme.
I also partner with "“Kick It Out”" and other organisations.

I deliver workshops in schools (KS2/KS3/KS4 pupils) prisons and community groups. I talk inspirationally about dreams and goals, my experiences of racism on and off the pitch and the prejudices that my parents faced when they arrived in Britain from the West Indies in the 1950s. My discussions focus on issues around bullying and the importance of education an issue of special significance for me as my career was cut short by injury, leaving me jobless with no qualifications at the age of 25.
I am an excellent communicator and believe I have a natural ability to engage with people of various levels.

To book a workshop or if you have further enquiries about prices please go to the Contact section on my web page.


My award winning book Black and Blue is now available for your Kindle or mobile device.

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